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Head hunting, search & selection

We support our customers in the search & selection of qualified IT specialists through targeted headhunting activities


We offer management consultancy on human resources management and development


We offer training courses aimed at developing professional skills.

About Starfinder

Starfinder is a headhunting company founded by a group of consultants who have been working for more than ten years in the field of search & selection of ICT personnel through headhunting activities.

We know the ICT sector very well and we have refined our techniques over the years so as to be able to meet the needs of any customer.

Starfinder has been created with a view to facilitating the matching between supply and demand in the ICT sector and the selection process of ICT specialists.

We know what “doing business” means and we are aware of the current market complexity and the challenges that entrepreneurs face nowadays.

For this reason, we have started a business specialized in headhunting by letting us be guided by a simple question: what our customers are willing to pay us for?

We always consider what our customers recommend us. Offering a valuable service is our main goal.

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